how can i delete 'messages' from OS X 10.11.4?

how can i delete 'messages' from OS X 10.11.4?

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Why ?

Open Messages first and Sign Out of iMessages (Preferences > Accounts) if you are signed in.

IF the Bonjour Account is Active then untick the "Enable this Account" option.

If you have any other accounts these can be removed by the Minus icon under the list when that account is selected.

Alternatively you can turn them Off in System Preferences > Internet accounts.

In the General Section of the Preferences tick the "When I Quit, Set the Status to Off Line."

This stops the app, if there are any active Accounts, listening to the servers for Off Line Messages.

The App can then be quit.

Open ~/Library/Preferences by using the Finder > Go Menu whilst holding down the ALT key.

Find and delete all the*.plist items

Find the item and delete it

Also the

Next go to the System Preferences > Notifications and turn the Banner setting to None and turn Off all the other settings.

Messages should not bother you now.

You could drag the app to the Trash but then Updates may be done incompletely as the app is heavily linked to other apps.

I personally would not remove it just "shut it down" as I described.


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