Texting with android phone and also using iPad

I have an Android phone (Galaxy Note4) and an iPad (4th generation, just prior to the "Air" series).

I use text messaging a lot and really would like to be able to get my texts on both devices using the android phone number. In the past, I used an app called "TextNow" that assigns you a unique number and sync's it with both devices from either the Apple app store or Google Play. This worked fine... I would get all my texts on both devices pretty seamlessly.

I also looked at Google Hangouts and the ability to have multiple devices receiving texts had been "fixed" in a recent update to Hangouts. So, Hangouts no longer allows multiple devices of different platforms to access texts to the same number.

My question is... is there an app in both the app store and google play that will allow you to send and receive texts using the cell phone number rather than it having to generate a new number?

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Chris, I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't as clear as I could have been. My iPad actually has wifi access ability and the ability to connect via my Verizon 4G network. So, in a nutshell - no, it doesn't need to go thru my phone to send or receive messages. I'd like an app the utilizes my actual cell phone number that will route text messages to both devices - if there is such an app. It needs to work with android (from google play) and IOS 10.1 which I just installed on my iPad.``

Yes, it's called Verizon Messages. Search the App Store for "Verizon".

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