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Hi ..

I am hearing impaired and wondering if anyone could post back with their experience with sound quality before I make this investment.

I'm aware of the Accessibility features but I'm more concerned about onboard quality audio as there are times I'm not where I can access speakers on an HDTV via AirPlay.

Input would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance...

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Don't have personal experience, but all the reviews I read praised the speakers and the increased volume.

"While they won't beat a pair of headphones, the four-speaker array on the iPad Pro pumps out impressive sound for such a small device. These are on par, if not better than, pretty much any laptop speakers you've ever heard." nal-grade-powerful-pricey

"I tried it as a table-top Netflix device and yes, the speakers are more than up to the job. For music, the quality of course remains lo-fi – this is a tablet, not a sound system – but no-one could have any complaints about the volume."

And the always trustworthy (and detailed) iMore

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