G3 iMac Wi-Fi connection

My mother just got wireless broadband at her house, but her iMac (600MHz G3/OS X 10.4.11) won't connect to the network. It's a WPA2 network, but the machine insists on trying (and failing) to connect as a WEP network. I can edit the connection in network preferences (change to WPA2 and add the password), and allegedly apply the changes, but it never connects. If I turn AirPort off and back on, it has reverted to thinking it's WEP.

Other devices connect without problem, including a PPC PowerBook, so the network credentials are confirmed to be correct and working.

Because some of the iMac's network control panels were acting oddly, I have recently re-installed the system. That fixed the control panels, but not the connection failure. Is there a secret file somewhere that's storing the wrong encryption type?

Thanks in advance.

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Is this using a wi-fi card in the computer (which model computer)? It may be the card does not support WPA2

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