iMessage not syncing between iPad and iPhone?

Hey all,

So, I have a 3GS and an iPad 2, both on iOS 5.0. One of the advertised iMessage features is that you can start the conversation on one device, and finish on the other. However, messages I receive on my iPad don't show up on my iPhone, and vice versa.
I've heard that this has to do with the Caller ID defaulting to the device's phone number on the iPhone, but I'm not 100% sure if this is the case or not. I've also heard of other people having success of this syncing between iPhone and iPad, so I'm really not sure.
Just wondering if anyone has any insight as to why iMessage isn't syncing between my iPad and my iPhone that are both signed into the same Apple ID/iCloud account?
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So, it just started to work today for no reason.

I was talking to a work mate about this. Seems as though the messages I sent him yesterday from iPhone and iPad were all in one message for him, but a message I sent this morning showed up as a separate message thread. I deleted all threads from my iMessage contacts on both iPad and iPhone, and then they started to sync properly. The first message I sent my work mate showed up on my phone and my iPad. Not sure if deleting them is what fixed it, but everything worked after that, while directly before deleting them it didn't work.

May have had to do with setting iMessage up on one device, and using it before setting it up on the other device, maybe.
Unsure, but it works now. Hooray.

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