How can I transfer messages, contacts from Android to iPhone 7 plus?

I just bought the latest iPhone 7 plus, I like it very much! But what troubled me most was that how can I transfer hundreds of contacts and text messages from my Android to iPhone 7 plus? My old phone is Samsung Galaxy s6.

Any method other than manually transferring contacts, messages would be great. I have too many contacts to manually do this lol.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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well, this will be a hot question when iPhone 7 is available. As a technical, I have helped a lot of users and friends on this issue. However, there is not a single answer that would work on all devices.

Option 1: Move to iOS App. This is our first choice since its introduction. However, it has problems with old Android devices, like Galaxy S4, HTC One M6.

Option 2: Gmail. If you synced contacts with it, then you can easily sync it on iPhone too. This only works for contacts.

Option 3: Third-party App. The benefit of using such apps is that they support old devices like Android 2.3. The process is quite simple. Connect both phones to a computer and select the file type you want to transfer. Only a few mouse clicks involved in. A demo tutorial is here: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

From my experience, the above options should work for all the devices sold on market.


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To transfer data from android to iphone, i think it's more convenient to use a mobile transfer app. You just need to connect your two phones to computer at the same time and start the app to transfer data, here you should set android in the source position and iphone in the desition position.

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