Anyone had trouble retrieving email from an icloud account using an eMac running 10.3.9

I have an eMac. A bit old school but it works for me. Up until 3 days ago I was able to retrieve my email from icloud using mail. I have all the settings set up as apple suggests. Now all of a sudden it does not work. I have been receiving a meesage about my certificate being invalid. I phoned apple support and they cannot help as 10.3.9 is no longer supported. It does not seem to be a software or hardware problem at my end, as i can still retrieve emails from all my other non apple accounts. Really confused. Any body share some light on this one. Thanks

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I had exact the same problem.

The solution was to change from the former used setting:

IMAP:, Port: 993, SSL: YES

SMTP:, Port: 587, SSL: YES

to this:



This should do the trick for you too!


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