Cannot connect to public WiFi after installing iOS 9.3.1

Every since installing iOS 9.3 and 9.3.1 I am unable to connect to some public WiFi's, notably Starbucks/Google and Xfinity. I have no problem connecting to my home WiFI and the public library's WiFi. I was hopeful that installing 9.3.1 would fix this issue, but alas no. I have this problem with both my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6 Plus.

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My Macbook Air connects just fine, it seems to be an issue directly related to the 9.3.1 update on my iPhone 6 (Verizon).

The error when trying to connect to Google Starbucks Network is "unable to connect to network "Google Starbucks"

I just got off the phone with Google Starbucks and they said that many people are calling to complain, they are just referring people to Apple Support since they have nothing to do with the issue.

Just got off the phone with Apple Care Support.... Cookie 877-388-0879 x1108643

Told me to reset network settings (told her I did that already) then suggested hard reset (told her I did that already), then if that doesn't work, backup & RESTORE the device (just did that).

Now I am connected!


Good luck!


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