Safari doesn't load pages after sleep in current window

Please take note : I’m French so what you’ll read isn’t perfect. Thank you.

Hi everyone, it's been so long I tried to solve my issue concerning Safari.

Let me explain what happens : when I wake up my Mac, some website will not load, particularly Youtube, Facebook and Google until I

- Close the Safari window and open a new one

- Wait at least one or two minute

- Spam the refresh shortcut until a "page can't load" error comes up.

I tried everything explained in this or other forums and doing those things :

- Reinstall the OS (but keeping my data)

- Restore with a Time Capsule

- Open the terminal and type those commands :

- Fix permissions and owner

sudo find ~ $TMPDIR.. -exec chflags -h nouchg,nouappnd,noschg,nosappnd {} + -exec chown -h $UID {} + -exec chmod +rw {} + -exec chmod -h -N {} + -type d -exec chmod -h +x {} + 2>&-

- Reset Safari

mv ~/Library/Safari ~/Desktop/Safari-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`; rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/Apple\ -\ Safari\ -\ Safari\ Extensions\ Gallery; rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari; rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Caches/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.binarycookies; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/Apple\ -\ Safari\ -\ Safari\ Extensions\ Gallery; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/Preferences/; rm -Rf ~/Library/PubSub/Database; rm -Rf ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/

- Fix permissions with the system built-in tool

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --repair --standard-pkgs --volume /

- Log in as guest

- Boot in safe mode

- Go into recovery mode and reset something into the « resetpassword » window

- Delete everything apple let me with the GUI (cookies, cache etc)

- Mess up with network settings but obviously it’s fine because other programs have no problem eg. Chrome, Firefox, Mail, Push notifications…

- Uninstall all safari extensions

- Unplug my micro sd card and restart (which is constantly plugged into my mac)

I’m so mad at my computer because I payed 1.5k for a computer which is not capable of doing the most easy task for a modern computer. Even a 50€ computer has embedded software than can handle a resume from sleep without restarting the entire software… Imagine if you had to do that on your iPhone, you'll end up getting a refund within a week or less because it’s not normal in 2015 to have this kind of problem. Hopefully I’ve got no problem with safari on my 6S and I do not plan to switch my browser because Safari is part of the Apple ecosystem and have perfect sync and battery management.

So I need to get this problem fixed and I really need your help because many people had this problem on the internet but NEVER saw someone who explained how he got is problem fixed. My Mac runs the latest software which is 11.2 as of today.

Here is a video of the problem :

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Some routers are known to cause problems with Safari and not other browsers. I don't know why. I also don't know what you can do about it, other than to use a better router.

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