I am very frustrated by the complete impossiblity to organise folders in Safari.

I am very frustrated by the complete impossibility to organize folders in Safari.

It would be nice if Apple simply designed the Bookmarks in Safari to work pretty much the same as folders do in Finder. A simple feature you would think but apparently a glaring omission by Apple.

- No automatic alphabetical organisation

- A folder will drop inside another folder when you manually try and reposition it to the (correct) alphabetical location in the bookmarks list no matter how carefully you reposition it between two existing folders.

I have used Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and Safari in my experience is the worst for any attempt at organising bookmarks. I am seriously considering giving up on Safari, installing Chrome and transferring over all the bookmarks from Safari to Chrome.

Is there an App (**preferably free) that can organise bookmarks ?? I've looked at the App Store and I can't find one.


(** I paid a lot of money for my Macbook Pro and I don't see why I should have to pay more money for what Safari should do anyway)

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If I go to ' Edit Bookmarks ' and try repositioning folders it will drop the folder I am moving into one of the two folders closest to the location I am trying to reposition it to.....almost every time. .

If you want to drag a golfer in between two other folders, Greg it with the mouse pointer slightly to the left of the folders. You'll see the insertion line with a small square on the left side, showing exactly where the dragged folder will be moved to.

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