ipad imessage has pop up asking to sign in

My apad 2, which is about 4 yrs old, all of a sudden when I try to see my messages or send a text, the screen is light gray and a pop up says i need to sign into apple ID to activate my i Message.

Not sure why I would have to do this right out of the blue. so I signed into my account and nothing. It has been like this for 2 days now. I have rebooted the ipad several times, reset defaults to factory and still nothing.

I went into settings to see if switching on off button in messages would do anything, except I dont have that screen anymore. The screen that is there is the sign in page for apple so I sign in again and still nothing happens. The account has been verified. I still have email etc. Any ideas?

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cbirkby wrote:

restoring to new most definatly worked, and then I restored the backup. Seems it restored the problem also.

If so you need to restore as new again as the backup is corrupted. Unfortunately you will have to reconfigure from scratch.


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