Quicktime pro does not list iphone camera in Source list.

Hello, in Quicktime I can view the Iphone camera and directly record it on my Mac. Now, I upgraded to Quicktime Pro (because you can change the folder for saving), but now I can't change the camera source from the list. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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(1) As explained here, recording iPhone camera requires QuickTimeX. QuickTime Pro will not do it.

(You can move your QTX recorded iPhone camera clips to a different folder on your Mac after they are saved.)

(2) To you use QuickTime Pro with your OS X 10.11.4 Mac, be sure you have install the latest QuickTime 7 version, currently here.


You can set the QuickTime Pro camera in the QuickTime Player 7 preferences.


If your Mac recognises more than one (not an iOS device) camera, you can select the desired one by clicking on the Video Source choices bar:


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Mac OSX 10.11.4

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