Turning on iPhone 5S for the first time?


I just bought brand new iPhone 5 S in a store and after I searched (google) for some answers regarding to battery maintenance I am little bit confused. Some say that it is wise to drain battery till phone turns off and than recharging it completly..than some people say that is nonsense so that you must charge your phone straigh awway from the box and dont let phone to turn off..some are mentioning 3 hours procedure but I know that is nonsense..

Can you tell which procedure is the best for first time.

Thanks a lot.

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It doesn't turn off with plenty of battery energy left unless the battery is failing. It turns off when the battery gets critically low. However, if the gauge is miscalibrated it will appear to turn off with charge left in the battery when the battery is close to flat. That is why you should test the battery if this happens, and if it tests OK you should recalibrate the gauge. But this is the only time you should recalibrate the gauge.

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