HT4623 I have been trying to connect my Ipad to my wireless printer again, It worked just fine before I added a wireless keyboard to the Ipad. Now the Ipad will not connect to the printer and wont ever discover it? again it worked just fine before,PLS HE

I ahve been trying to get my IPad to connect to my Wireless printer, It worked just fine until I added a wireless Keyboard. Now it will not "discover the printer and does not even have an option for the printer. I checked and the printer is functioning properly....HELP I need to print from my ipad for work....ASAP

Thank you!!!

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See requirements for AirPrint (

If your printer supports AirPrint but does not work then:

Your printer might need a firmware update

Your printer must be on the same WiFi network

Your router must support Bonjour (Zero-configuration networking).

For troubleshooting:

Turn Off iPad, WiFi router (remove from power), and Printer (remove from power).

Turn on WiFi router

Wait 30 seconds

Turn on printer

Wait 30 seconds

Turn on iPad

Try to print.

If you need more help then what printer do you have?

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